Spike, the first series in Project S, is about the friendship and rivalry of a group of high school Volleyball players. As the mood and tone of this series is very intense, the Logo of Spike is formed by a bold font with clear shapes and colors. The red impact line in the middle of the logo refers to a Spike Ball used in real volleyball games.

Design Drafts

The use of bold and substantial font, together with a blurred speeding effect in the typography reflects the energy and speed of a Volleyball game.

Key Visual

A cross section of a volleyball with objects from a school gym inside was used to emphasize the characteristics of a Thai high-school Volleyball Team. Crimson red was used in contrast with blue which is the protagonist’s team color, to set a serious tone for the series.

Title Sequence

An exploding volleyball is used to represent the violence and the sport and provides a peek into the characters and the storyline.



End Credits

CGI sculptures of real hand gestures used in volleyball were used in the end credit.

Graphical Elements

A spinning volleyball along with pictures of the main characters were used as a fast transition out of the intense film. An exploding volleyball was used in other framing elements.