As the main theme of this series is both “gloomy” and “fun”, it is both unique and a contradiction within itself. In order to incorporate both concepts, the design team decided to use a spray painted frowning face to represent both depression and skateboard culture. With neon pink and green, creating a bright contrast.

design drafts

Graffiti tags were used to mimic the graphics commonly seen on skateboards to support the concept of the series.

Key Visual

A skatepark and the shape of skateboard were fused together to create an installation that can be practically used in real skateboarding. The graffiti is an original design to accommodate the types of depression seen in each episode. In addition, there were also small hidden graffiti Easter eggs referencing the other 3 series within the set(Spike, Side By Side, Shoot! I Love You).

Title Sequence

To represent an insight of what’s going on in the main character (“Boo”)’s mind. The sequence is a mashup of drawings of neural systems and skateboard graphics, with psychedelic colors and editing.

Ending Sequence

Supporting the theme of depression within the series, the end credit was designed as a trip through the neural system.

graphical elements

Similar to the title sequence. Holographic pictures of the characters were used in the bumpers. 

For the frames,a skateboard was incorporated into the selected typo set.