side by side


Side by Side is set around family. The team designed the Logo to be hand written in pink, a reference to the main character, “P’ Gym” from the series. These elements also suggest the mellowness and purity of the series.

Design Drafts

A Child-like handwriting was used to portray the naiveness and tenderness of the main character, “P’ Yim”, who is a child on the Autism Spectrum.

Key Visuals

The team visualized and re-designed the inside of the shuttlecock as a house. The facing of the main characters in the poster would represent their relationship within the family. A warm brown color scheme, pairing with the pink and green, is used, giving the same feeling of naiveness and tenderness with other motion sequences of the series.

Title Sequence

Illustrations of characters placed around the house was used to depict the relationship of the characters living together in the house.


End Credits

The journey of a shuttlecock from the badminton court back home was used in the End Credit to recall the series’ main theme, family.


Graphical Elements

The graphical elements were designed according to the illustrations in title sequence and in frame parts are reference of baby floor mats, which appears in the childhood scenes of the characters within the series.