shoot! i love you


The mood and tone of this series is based on the poppy love concept of Japanese romantic comedy movies, leading the graphical elements for this logo into an anime orientated direction. The components within the logo are designed to have curved edges and arranged in a very playful way, supporting by the use of bright primary colors of blue and red which is also used for the main element of archery target.

design drafts

The typeface is based on the logo, emphasizing on the roundness and the playful and bouncy arrangements.

key visual

An archery target was used as an installation to tell the theme of this series. The target was separated into 4 areas which are the 4 main character’s bedrooms. Each of the room’s decoration supports the characterization, showing objects that appear in various scenes in the series. For example, the main characters’ rooms “Bo”, and “Chan”, contain the same objects but one is in a messy and sloppy form, while the other is very neat and organized.  

Title Sequence

The Title Sequence  design was based on targets from Carnival shooting games. The Objects exploding from hit targets refer to the unique interests of each character. For instance, a trophy would pop out when showing the character “Fame” who is very competitive.

Ending Sequence

Parody of a famous Japanese arcade drumming game is used as the End Credit, replacing the drum with an archery target. The main characters were also incorporated into the parody as cartoon characters, dancing to the theme song: BNK48’s “Aitakata”

graphical elements

Similar to the title sequence, the bumpers consist of the character's photos and confetti exploding from a target. The graphical elements of the frames contains bright and colorful archery targets, in unison with with spinning heart creating a adorable and joyous impression.