project S the series


A set of series from GDH559 and Nadao Bangkok, comprising of 4 individual series using 4 types of sports to portray different aspects of life. The series are: Spike! (Volleyball), Side by Side (Badminton), S.O.S (Skateboarding), and Shoot! I Love You (Archery).

ADAR was assigned to create a Brand Identity for all 4 series, which includes Logo Design, Key Visuals, and typeface selection. In addition, the team has also designed the Motion Graphics (Title Sequence, End Credit, Bumpers, and Pages) used in all the series.


Design Drafts
Key Visuals

We aimed to create the key visual for each individual series with shared elements that would frame and coordinate them into a single campaign. For the main poster, we decided to create a CGI installation piece shaped as sports equipment. For the individual series, small distinct objects were placed into the artwork to provide a glimpse into the plot and details of the story.

Rough CGI Layout

Motion Graphics Reel

The motion sequences, including: Title Sequence, End Credits, Bumpers, and Pages of each series, apart from following the series’ mood and tone, all follow the theme of incorporating sports equipment from the story into the design [See more]