I Hate You I Love You


A drama mystery series revolving around a murdered teenager, told through the eyes of the 5 main characters through the 5 episodes.

The logo was meant to reflect the shallow luxuries surrounding the characters and was designed with a reference to popular luxury brands for the effect.

design drafts
key visual

As the plot of the series was communicated through the perspective of 5 different characters, the concept of “perspective” was applied into the design process of key visual posters. Each poster contains a distinct feature of its assigned main character, with a common trait where the character poses with a suspicious look to convey the dramatic and mysterious mood and tone of this series.

Logo Variation

A unique aspect of the key visuals for ‘I hate you, I love you’ is the variations  the main logo in the heading off each poster, which is designed to correspond to each character. The poster for Nana, a wealthy girl has the logo in gold, while Jo, a male escort has a neon logo referring to his nightlife.

Title Sequence

The element of neon light, in contrast with darker tones in the surrounding scenes in the Title Sequence deliver the message of suspiciousness and mystery within the series. The use of visual images acts as an important clue for the audience to sense the twists and turns of the plot.

graphical elements

Bumpers and frames contains the same graphical element as the key visual.